Our students are trained in the Australian Teachers of Dancing Ltd (ATOD) syllabus for Tap. This syllabus has a considerable emphasis on traditional tapping techniques and combinations yet has a fresh and modern twist. The 15 newly revised levels were created with the help of Paul Davis and Shane Preston (former Tap Dogs). It focuses on the use of head, arms, corner and travelling steps and provides superb foundation for performance work, as well as fresh combinations specific to various tempo, style and ages. We offer classes from Preschool Tap (2.5 years+ ) to Advance (16 years+) to Adult (20 years+).

NEW to Footworks is the OPEN TAP for adults who would like to give tap a go. This class is fantastic for beginners and anyone who “used to do tap when they were a kid”. The class is social with no exams, just pure tapping fun.

Tap dancing suits students of all ages. It strengthens legs and core muscles, is fantastic at helping with concentration and increases flexibility.


Uniforms for Tap – See Example photos below

  • Light purple leotard
  • Brown tights or Shimmers
  • Tan coloured tap shoes
  • Light purple Lycra skirts  worn for Test 1 to Test 3
  • Bronze Medal/Star – Tap Skorts
  • Tap shoe covers must be worn on examination or competition days.
  • Silver Medal/Silver Star/Gold Medal /Gold Star – Dark purple leotard with Tap Skorts .
  • Gold Bar – Black Leotard with black tap skorts

Tap Uniform Tap Uniform