Class Information

Drop off & Pick Up

Student’s may be dropped off or you can stay and watch. Please note, no student supervision is provided once class has ended. Please make suitable arrangements for the timely collection of your children.


Viewing Classes

Parents are encouraged to become an active member of the Footworks Family and are welcome to watch classes at any time. However, it is important to please ensure younger siblings do not disturb the class.


Absences and Missed Classes

Missed lessons can be made up if classes are available. Please speak with your teacher if you need to find a suitable make up class. No refund is provided on your account if you are absent.


Lost Property

Lost property will be collected and kept at the studio. Please contact your teacher if you have misplaced something. All lost property will be held for one term. If not collected at the end of term, it will be given away.


Expectations, Conduct & Discipline

  1. Correct uniform to be worn to all classes
  2. Students must be well groomed at all times
  3. Please consider other students
  4. A team player attitude is expected
  5. Always try your best
  6. Never, never, never gift up!!!


Grievance Procedures

If for some reason, you are unhappy with our service, please call us or Email. Talking to our teachers during class times or between classes is not appropriate. We need to keep classes moving to stay on time and not disadvantage other students.